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CPAC Survey Finds Strong Opposition
to Obama's Internationalist Agenda

A national survey of over 25,000 supporters of Americans for Sovereignty revealed intense opposition to the internationalist agenda of President Obama.   The survey, taken in the weeks preceding the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC, inquired about attitudes towards various foreign policy initiatives taken during the first year of the Obama Administration.

The survey found particularly strong opposition to the efforts of the Obama Administration to re-engage American policy with the United Nations.  Over 95% of respondents thought that the US Congress should block increased funding levels that had been proposed by the administration for both the United Nations Population Fund as well as so-called "peacekeeping" missions.  In recent years both programs have been charged with widespread corruption and incompetence.

Similarly the plans by the Administration to ratify the long dormant Law of Sea Treaty was opposed by 98% of those surveyed.  They opposed the treaty both because of its potential infringement of American rights on the high seas and also the unending stream of revenue it would create for an unaccountable UN agency.

The goal of the Obama Administration to bring the United States under international legal structure is also rejected by over 90% of respondents in the survey.  In particular no support exits for the United States to become a member of the International Criminal Court and thus subjecting American citizens overseas, including American servicemen, to the jurisdiction of a rouge court that fails to recognize American constitutional rights.

Finally broad public opposition existed to any UN control of either the Internet, the rights to private ownership of firearms or of granting the UN the authority to directly tax American citizens.

Americans for Sovereignty® is a project of Council for America®.  With over 25,000 supporters it is one of the largest organizations in the United States that focuses its attention on issues affecting American sovereignty.